With world-class customer service, transparent pricing, and upfront estimates, we make sure the only surprise in our process is how beautiful the finished product is.

We install custom-designed hardwood floors, home installations and eye-catching home accents all across Colorado. We believe in bringing wood back to life, which is why we’re happy to travel from Castle Rock to Boulder to refinish, restore and revive the wood floors, elegant staircases and priceless wood workings of historical buildings across Colorado.

Our estimate process starts with a detailed email. Check out our guide on how to get an estimate on beautiful, custom-designed hardwood floors, restoration, staircase installation and more.

Yes, we offer a warranty.


At Colorado Custom Floors, the foundation of everything we do is quality. We use the highest quality woods and materials, employ the finest craftsmen and provide an unparalleled level of customer attention and service. We believe so much in our quality, that we offer a comprehensive, one-year warranty, though we bet you won’t need it.


Learn about our warranty.

Before we start on your project, we recommend our clients take the time to form a design vision. This provides a client with a solid vision of what they want from us, and allows our team of artists and expert craftsmen to create exactly what the customer wants.


We start by understanding your lifestyle and suggest options that will complement and enhance the look and feel of your space.


It’s beneficial that you know and communicate to our team:


THE SCOPE: Decide the scope of the project, as in, whether you will be doing a complete renovation of your home or just updating a specific area. We will help you to prioritize the spaces we’ll be renovating, so no matter the scope, you and your family will still be able use your space as we bring your home design vision to life.


THE PURPOSE: Figure out who will be using the space and what activities will take place in this area. This gives our design team a solid starting point from which we can recommend the best woods, materials, finishes and colors that will suit your lifestyle perfectly.


YOUR STYLE: Take a moment to solidify your design vision and figure out what your personal style is. For example, what colors and textures do you like? Perhaps you may research what materials interest you and feel like home. Pinterest is a great resource to find home design inspiration for new hardwood floors.


YOUR LIKES: Decide what you already love about the space. We will work with you to maintain the characteristics and elements you love about your home, and select materials to accentuate and blend seamlessly with the existing décor.


BUDGET: You should have a firm idea of your budget, as that will help us to ensure everything stays on-track and that there are absolutely no surprises.

To get an accurate estimate, we need to know the work space’s measurement.


Flooring is sold by the square foot, so we need to know the square footage of the room where we will be installing your beautiful hardwood floors.


To determine how many square feet you need, measure the room’s length by its width.


For example, if the room is 10′ long by 10′ wide, you would multiply those numbers together to get the square footage.


Of course, after we provide you with an initial estimate, our measuring team will travel on-site to measure those tight corners and verify measurements; that way we’re sure to order the exact amount of product you need, saving you money.


Contact Colorado Custom Floors today for a consultation where we’ll discuss how we can put some of your self into your home.